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Just got back from Ogasawara, a tropical island 600 miles to the south of Japan. The island is part of Japan and falls under Tokyo jurisdiction. It was very strange going all that way and seeing Tokyo number plates on cars, speaking Japanese and hearing “Tokyo-ondo”, a famous, traditional Tokyo folksong, at the “OBON” festival.
The island itself is only a few miles long, has a population of several thousand and is one of the most remote sites on earth. Without an airport and strong laws blocking the construction of one, Ogasawara is blessedly free from tourists.

It’s one of the few places on Earth where you can swim with whales: Not the piddly little ones, the big buggers!

I managed to swim with a troup? school? pack? gaggle? murder? of dolphins and got a few shots in with a disposable underwater camera.

All this without leaving Tokyo!

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