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Denon A1 debacle continues…


The “engineer” from Denon came over to my place (almost 2 hours late, I might add) and tried to convince me that this kind of performance: chroma error and skipping was normal!

First he told me that my room may be too hot.

I asked him if he was too hot. He said, “No. Thank you.”

Then I pointed out the oversized air conditioner on the wall. “Ah. Yes. Well”, he said.

He then told me that the air flow in corners of rooms tend to be a bit sluggish. I asked him where most people keep their DVD players.

“In the corner,” he admitted.

Then he “explained” that because the A1 was so high quality, the problems ‘inate to DVD’ were easier to spot compared to, for example, playing a disc back on my cheap yet pristine Toshiba SD-3500.

I also asked him about the chroma delay. He said, sagely, “Ah. Yes. Well.”

Without being too direct, I told him to fix my A1 and not to bring it back until it works properly.

I sense another seven week stint without my DVD.

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