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The Denon A1 comes home… but just for 30 minutes


Yes, the Denon A1 came back, along with an “engineer”. This time he was blessedly punctual. He unwrapped the A1 and proceeded to connect it to my system and with excited tones started to explain the impressive list of modifications which my unit had undergone: all while loading a test disc.

A reworked circuit: Chroma Delay gone. Yes, even the player’s internal menus showed great clarity improvements.
Upgraded outputs with passive filters to improve edge detail. Not too sure, but it seems that the edges are a little less overstated than before. I’ll have to test this on some of my favourite softs.
A brand-spanking laser pickup, much quieter than the original. Virtually silent: Very tasty.
A certain secret macrofication… erm, sorry modification, which I’m not allowed to talk about.
Upgrade to Denon Link SE.
“Wonderful, Wonderful,” I said. “So, what about the Chroma bug?”
There was a pause and a whiff of deja vu, “Ah. Yes. Well,” he said.

That’s right, and thirty seconds later, there was a screen with a magenta hoop on a green background with the worst Chroma upsampling I HAVE EVER SEEN! here are some examples!

So, off it goes again for another God knows how long.

Interesting stats:



63 days

75 days



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