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Sun sets on Windows 2000?

Today is an historic, but somewhat sad day for me. After four years, just a couple of reinstalls, numerous service packs and countless patches later, I have finally pulled the plug on my last Windows 2000 installation. So, I’ve finally moved to Linux, then? Nope. I’ve moved to the much maligned Windows XP.
According to some people blathering away on forums here and there, there is no way I should have got XP working satisfactorily on this machine. The Sony Z505G/BP is a PII generation Celeron running at 500MHz with 196MB of 100MHz RAM. I was told or read the following:

Stick with 2000 on anything less than a PIII.
XP won’t accept the BIOS and the proprietary Sony hardware.
There are no drivers for older stuff.
In less than 256MB of RAM, you’ll see a marked decrease in performance over Windows 2000.
It’s really unstable.
The interface blows goats.
Phffft (tooth sucking) Celeron, huh? Forget it.
So, why did I take the plunge?

Improved boot time.
Wanted Subpixel antialiasing (ClearTypeâ„¢).
Some of the lastest software needs XP.
Improved wireless support.
Improved security.
Was a bit bored.
Wanted a challenge.
Well, you’ll all no doubt be happy to know that I managed to install XP SP2 with nary a hitch.

And what’s more, I managed a clean install with neither a floppy nor a CD-ROM drive.

So, what have I found?

BIOS and Drivers installed smoother than Tony Blair’s spin doctors.
Boot time is much improved.
Application booting is faster (due to a clean install, I guess).
Stability is excellent.
The subpixel antialiasing (ClearTypeâ„¢) is very easy to read.
Icon and desktop handling is much less buggy.
Memory overhead is a little higher, but it doesn’t seem to affect much.
Multimedia performance is smoother. (I can play back DVDs on my computer now!)
DVD-RAM support is native.
Well, let’s see how many reinstalls I have in the next four years!

[2005-02-15]>>>Well, I just got around to doing some video editing last week and noticed a definite decrease in performance. Whereas 2000 was just about able to output a DV stream via firewire to a connected camera, if one stops most of the background software, XP just manages to push the computer over the edge. Every couple of minutes, there’s a jump or two! Argh! Still, it can import video without jumps and save to DVD. I’ll have to investigate and see if a defrag helps.<<<

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