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Tokyo Disney Sea

The sight of Mickey sends a shiver down one’s spine and his voice alone can shatter any rational adults’ glasses at 50 paces. Had I been unlucky, seeing Mickey in the flesh would have no doubt led to acute and immediate respiratory/pulmonary failure and being unable to plug my ears in time, I would have had to be strapped down and carted of on a trolly to the nearest loony bin.

As it happened, the dehabilitating effect of Mickey’s image and voice – in Japanese – were mitigated by a distance of over 100m and I suffered nothing more than a minor headache, which passed once the stimulus was removed.

Just for the record though, I’d like to describe as best I can, Mickey’s voice when he speaks Japanese. It’s a kind of mix between Marilyn Manson’s fingernails dragged down the blackboard during history class and grandma’s cheap butter-knife scratching on a bone-china plate. Thankfully for me and my affliction, My Mickey exposure was limited to a grand total of ONCE!

So, you may find it weird then that I went to Tokyo Disney Sea today. Not that I originally wanted to go there, you understand. Still, I was amazed: I couldn’t believe that it was Disney, the same company that has churned out cartloads of insipid, dumbed down, watery pulp that somehow end up classics (among a number of excellent beer-and-pizza entertainment films, of course).

It was more like stepping on to a film set than into some lame theme park run by an oversized and over possessive American conglomerate catering to whining childeren! The quality of the attractions was top notch. OK, so it doesn’t have many rides, but then, that’s not what Disney Sea is about. Disney Sea is more of a couple’s paradise than a Kiddie’s playpen.

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