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Another Typhoon

Another typhoon has hit, a little over a week after the last one! The typhoon is over 500 miles (800km) across and is the second largest storm ever, beaten only by a monster which struck some twenty five years ago.

The picture shows the scale of the storm. I’ve had to superimpose the map of Japan over the picture so that you can actually see where Japan is.

The weather’s gone to pot, that’s what! If I have my facts right, this is the first time ever, (since records began, at least) that 10 typhoons have hit Japan in one season.

Now, I don’t mind when a big storm comes and someone says, “this is the biggest XXX since YYY!” or “It hasn’t XXXed like this for YYY years”. But one has to wonder, what with all the hundreds of years on record and all, what the chance of this year being the “first time” for anything is: Unless things (like the climate and stuff) are actually, really, honestly changing of course.

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