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Hitachi Flora bites the dust!

You’re going to say “I’ve told you so!” – Disaster has struck! My Hitachi (the all-in-one computer I so lovingly installed Window XP on last week) has thrown a wobbly and now there is a black line right through the centre of the bloody screen! At first I thought it was a software issue and rebooted. However, the “analoguey fadiness” -to use a technical term- soon convinved me that is was a hardware problem! Numerous resets have done nothing to rid me of the problem, and now I have an all-in-one that needs an external screen!

I’ve contacted Hitachi, but they say a new screen would cost £400: the price that 15″ screens were when the Hitachi was made in 2001!

You don’t think it was the XP that did it do you?

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