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Lloydie is born…


I just had a great idea after using DynDNS forwarding to create a more personal sounding link to my BIGLOBE hosted homepage.

My router has a DynDNS compatible automatic Dynamic DNS update client built in! With this, I can host my homepage on my own computer with scripting and everything. My own server, with oodles of space and limitless accounts! Now all I need is to find another computer to be the server! Hmm…

A few minutes later…

I just remembered this PC that I was given. It’s a tiny little Fujitsu Biblio LOOX notebook with a cracked LCD. It is fanless, has a fluid-bearing hard disk and a very low power Transmeta CPU Perfect! What’s more, it fits next to my keyboard on my desk’s keyboard try. What more could I ask for? Now where’s my XP disc? (And spare licence, of course!)…


Yet again, I am reminded how far Windows has advanced over the last few years: I put the XP disc in the DVD drive, it booted into setup. A clean wipe and Win98 is GONE! I typed in a few details and less than an hour later, I had a working XP SP2 install with Internet Information Services plus ASP installed and running! In terms of useability, XP is far better than the previous versions. In terms of stability, XP is as good as Windows 2000, if not better. Security is much improved, although by no means perfect – We’ll see when my server gets hacked! But if it is implemented properly, should be fine for a webpage and a few photos.


I’ve set up my router to register any IP address changes with DynDNS and picked a few names for my site… I think LLOYDIE.HOMEIP.NET is the best.

I’ve set up Dreamweaver to access the shared and published folder on my server.

I’ve written the “Hello World” script in ASP. Cool.

I’ve registered my page to be monitored by www.netcraft.com. here’s the link: www.netcraft.com

I’m online!

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