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The galling Mysteries of IIS

I’ve been reading about IIS, the web server that comes with XP, and realised just how little I know about it. It comes with a whole raft of services and functions seemingly aimed at slowing it down. As a result, I’ve notcied that the XP, IIS, ASP combination is very slow on my Fujistu laptop. Although I’m sure that’s a memory overhead issue rather than an IIS issue.

My home server at LLOYDIE seemed to take an average of 0.8s per static page, which was to say the least, pathetic.

Moreover, with IIS running, XP’s base memory usage was 160MB in part due to onboard graphics and the microcode for the Transmeta! And being as this PC only has 128MB, it’s no wonder that it was slow.

Anyway, I removed IIS with its poxy 10 connection limit and installed Apache 2.0 just to see what would happen.

Memory usage is down about 20MB and pages loading speed has increased dramatfically. PHP Pages now loads in under 0.1s! Not bad for a computer I was given.

I’ll have to see if there is any way to tweak XP into freeing up some memory.

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