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PHP and MySQL on Linux…. a twelve hour LAMP!

I’ve finally got PHP and MySQL up and working! It’s only taken me TWO WHOLE DAYS (about 12 hours)!

I’m definitely convinced that Linux is not for the desktop or the average user. With all the advances Windows has made recently, many of the key advantages of Linux have been whittled away.

Linux’s Traditional Strengths


It’s Free.


Legends of Linux running without reboot since the Stoneage are, well, Legendary.


Linux has been developed with multi-users and the internet in mind since Day One.


Linux has always been available in flavours light enough to use on the oldest of kit. Legends of Linux running on a Z80…

Desktop User Interface

Linux has had a raft of different and excellent Window Managers since before Windows 3.1 became popular.


Linux is constantly changing with the latest versions of everything available for download.

So, just how many of these traditional Linux strongholds are still unchallenged? I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Ah, My new Linux server is now running with over 40MB of RAM free! Compare that to WinXP! And page loads are down to less than 0.05s!

I think that answers the performance question!

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