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Resistance is Futile… The Mac Mini beckons

It’s the end of Februrary already! How can that be? Where has the time gone? What have I done in the last month? Well, I have bought a Mac Mini, so I suppose I’ve done something!

Right, let’s get down to basics. I’ll not duplicate the entire specs here, this is a blog, not a technical report.

Mac Mini

1.42GHz G4 CPU (Overclockable to 1.58GHz)

256MB PC2700 RAM (Upgradeable to 1Gb)

ATi RADION 9200 AGP/32MB graphics

80Gb 2.5″ HDD, DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combi drive

No optional Bluetooth or Wifi.

From the outer box with the faint Apple logo on it to the shape of the plug which slots neatly into the immaculate, bone-white power block, Apple demonstrates the commensurate design principles that have kept the company alive whilst fighting against all the odds (and the rest of the world). This is a level of quality and design that I have never seen in a Windows PC. Not even Sony comes close.

It’s the level of integration and attention to detail that keeps Apple customers coming back for more (and simultaneously makes them smug in the knowledge that Apple makes the coolest PCs in the world).

And I haven’t even turned it on yet.

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