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Happy new (fiscal) year

Happy New Year! Today is the first day of the new financial and business year in Japan.

And I’ve got my self a mansized desk at work!!! I’ve been working here for 18 months, and I’d come to notice (some 17 months ago or so) that my desk was noticably smaller than everyone elses.

When I say noticably, I don’t mean “Hmm… has the little rubber foot fallen off the bottom of the leg?” No… I mean noticeable from across the room, as in “washing machine temperature set for white cotton” or, “Warning: This desk is for Pygmy use only”, I’m talking small…

My desk was a full 10cm narrower, 5cm shallower and 4cm lower than everyone elses! And I think I’m the tallest person in the room, which made it quite amusing!

But that’s all changed as of TODAY!

Oh yes and I’m also officially an IT teacher as well as an English teacher from this year, too.

Right. I’m off to clean my desk.

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