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Denon A1 saga continues… again…

Well, I finally got a call from Denon again, to say that they were ready and waiting to come and pick up my DVD-A1. Now that the problem has been officially recognised at the highest level, they might actually be able to fix this problem.

I pointed out (potentially foolishly) that because of their slow response, the guarantee on my player, which I bought last March had run out. bu they (luckily, kindly) pointed out that as a Flagship model, I am entitled to 2 years coverage.


Amyway, an Engineer, I had previously never met, came over to take the player away. He came back with a temporary replacement player in the form of a DVD-3910, which seems to offer better visual quality with my projector than my original DVD-A1! Ironic.

Still, if they can’t fix my DVD-A1, they’ve promised me a DVD-A1XV!

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