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Say, that’s a nice… cool!

I was just walking home the other night when I met a woman walking her pet in the street.

Bearing in mind that this was about midnight and in a really quiet part of the town, she was getting a lot of attention from passers by.

It was probably because she was walking a rabbit, an honest to goodness pale white, flopsy-cottontail type affair with an honest to goodness lead and harness. Very curious.

I asked her about her pet and how often she walked it. “Every night,” she said, “for about fifteen minutes.”

I asked her if the little thing was active, but she said that it really just bounced to and fro along a little 100 yard stretch of road.

Apparently it soon got tired and would walk back and sit down in front of her, waiting to be picked up.

All in all, a rather cute, and easy to care for pet.

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