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DVD-A1…. need I say more?

I just realised that more than a year has passed since I first started having trouble with my DVD-A1, and the bloody thing still isn’t fixed… In fact, I’m still not in possession of the blessed thing.

Denon have had it for another month, ad when I phoned them today to see how the “repair” was going, they said they’d come up against a problem.

“Here we go,” I immediately thought. “What Problem?” I asked, half not wanting to hear their guaranteed-to-be-pathetic excuse.

“Your player has some unusual firmware loaded in it that we’ve never seen before. If we change it to the latest version and it fails, we won’t have a version to fall back on. We can’t return it to the current state.”

It was strange that they would say this, because I had told them that I, personally, had loaded an American version of the software into the player to see if it would fix the problem… It didn’t fix it, but it did make my player region free, so I kept it.

They said that they had considered calling me to see if I would agree to go ahead with the upgrade.

If you remember an earlier blog entry about the A1, I wrote that by pushing the “Play” button and switching it on, you can immediately identify the version of the firmware installed. I mean IMMEDIATELY. It certainly doesn’t take a month.

I really hope they give up and give me a brand spanking new player! The man hours they’ve expended just talking to me on the phone must have already cost them the same as a new player.

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