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The Tsukuba Express

It’s not every day that a brand spanking new train line opens up. And it’s even more surprising when you find out that the line has somehow managed to snake its way through a city that already has more lines than a Shakespearean sonnet.

The new Tsukuba Express (TX Line) has opened to the public today for the first time, servicing the -roughly speaking- 2 o’clock direction from Tokyo. The city-end terminal is Akihabara (my favourite station in Tokyo) and the countryside terminal is Tsukuba.

According to a mate, colleagues at work had to travel for over two hours to get to Tokyo from the Tsukuba branch, so you’d think they’d be happy about the new line. But things are never quite that simple. You see, now that the line haes been opened, they can no longer use the excuse that Tokyo is too far away to send staff, and now they’ll be travelling every day, 45 minutes to get to Tokyo!

There’s just no pleasing some people!

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