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Cube gets a new Hard Disk

I upgraded the hard disk in my Mac G4 Cube today, the original Apple labelled 20Gb unit being nearly filled.

It was a relatively painless experience once I’d bought the required hexagonal drivers for the job: Much less stressful than trying to get the lid off the Mac Mini.

If the Mac mini is an excellent piece of engineering, then the G4 Cube is a marvel. The design is exemplary: From the clever way in which the unit lifts out of its clear case to the PCMCIA card slot that swings out of the way to reveal the hard disk.

The new drive is a Seagate Barracuda series 250Gb 7200.7 ATA100, 7200rpm drive with 8MB cache.

I chose this drive because I’d been running two 160Gb 7200.7 SATAs in my desktop and I noticed just how quiet and totally free of vibration they were compared to the 250Gb Seagates and Maxtors I’d installed in the past

Anyway, the new drive is in and I have to say it’s a gem.

It’s fast and for most intents and purposes, silent, except under heavy load.

Average drive speed has between doubled and tripled and this Cube is now entirely useable as a general purpose computer rather than just a very cool but somewhat gimmicky web browser.

In fact, with its 1.5GB RAM and 250GB HDD, the speed of Photoshop CS2 is quite adequate for editing 3MP photos taken with my Nikon D70.

Not bad for a computer that cost less than the RAM installed in it!

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