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New Orleans Recovery Debacle

I’ve seen some comments on the internet about donating to charities involved with the New Orleans recovery operations. The amount of negative comments such as

“Well, I’m not going to donate! America has enough money.”

was quite overwhelming.

I initially had trouble believing that the richest nation in the world couldn’t feed its own people.

So an irony tinged feeling of, “the cheek of it!” was a natural consequence.

But it’s these same, cynical people and me included who will argue ’till blue in the face about money, saying things like “since when has wealth ever been evenly distributed?”

It’s this, almost hypocritical standpoint that I felt bad about today after reading some comments on BBC’s web site, in which us Brits show our boundless generosity by saying things like: “Oh, so now they need our help?”

It’s sometimes difficult to separate the regime of American international politics from the plight of the common man. As such, when I first thought of America suffering I immediately had an image of Bush and his lackeys covered in mud and lacerations and downed choppers on fire. At such times I got a guilty, elated feeling of “you deserved it” or “why should I donate money”. Of course, this is not the case. It’s mainly the poor second class citizens who have been forced to live in conditions little better than those of the countries that America has tried to ‘fix’ who are suffering.

No doubt, Corporate America will “survive” this tragedy with a raft of new rebuilding contracts. However, without our donations and support, charities such as the Red Cross will be hard pressed to plug the gaps left by a string of failed policies, let alone the gaps made in the river defences by one of the most powerful storms to hit America in a century.

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