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Another House Call

I went to see the new house today. Things are progressing nicely. It’s hard to believe that this place is going to be habitable in a week’s time

Come to think of it, it is hard to believe. I hope they can get the place fixed up in time!

Going to see the place again has reconfirmed the importance of keeping your eyes peeled. I spotted some cracks in a newly installed door frame. Its difficult to figure out how they were made, as they are in the top corner of the frame and not somewhere you’d expect to see them.

It’s also called into question the quality of the materials being used, or at least the lack of care that some of the staff appear to be taking.

Another worry is the flooring. I saw a lot of tools/ blocks of wood, boxes and other gubbins lying around, but the newly laid flooring has not been covered entirely: Only the central areas have been covered. So I’m a little bit worried that the new flooring (as scratch resistant as it is supposed to be) will be scratched by the time we move in.

The bathroom thankfully appears to have been a success. I even managed to get them to install a shower head that’s actually above head level for once, and a mirror that doesn’t require me to do the Hakka just to see my own reflection.

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