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Started Packing

Well, packing is underway and we’ve got three days left to get it all finished.

The appartment, as you can imagine, is in a right old state, but I think we’re going to get it all packed up in time.

I left for work this morning and the weather was fantastic: A beautiful, crystal clear autumn morning with the first light fall of leaves covering the path to the station in golden brown tones.

I’m really going to miss Fujimizaka; its decorative parks, its ancient temples and their contemplative Japanese gardens that fill with cherry blossoms in the spring, its quiet, winding streets and bustling “Yanaka Ginza” quaint lane of shops.

I’ll also miss living in a place (Yanaka) that’s famous throughout Japan as the resting place of some of the most illustrious Shoguns from the Edo period, and living in the last remaining Tokyo “Fujimizaka” or slope from where Mt. Fuji can be viewed from ground level.

Yes, I think I can say that we were lucky to find this place, and the good thing was we knew it from the moment we first saw it.

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