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You won’t believe it!

Queue great fanfare with full wind orchestra and brass band ensemble: The delicate tones of heartrending harmonies and counter melodies slowly giving way to low, powerful music which rises to a tumultuous crescendo and finishes with a roll of cymbals and drums worthy of the coronation of some despotic dictator king.

Yes, the DVD-A1 saga is over, almost two years after it started. The Denon engineers have admitted defeat and retreated impotently to their dust-free, flourescent-lit labs, leaving the front man to deal with a customer who refused to budge, refused to take no for an answer and convinced Denon Japan that: one, the chroma bug exists and, two, the DVD-A1 has it!

Best of all, Denon will replace my (once) beloved A1 with the A1XV! The latest, top of the range DVD player from Denon, which with the newfound knowledge apparently gained from me, they can guarantee firsthand does not have the chroma bug!

It’s hard to describe how happy I feel. I’ve won a few battles with Big Iron over the years: A skirmish with a scanner manufacturer that misbadged their scanners with the interpolated resolution rather than actual resolution; a hand-to-hand with a hard-drive maker whose drives didn’t come up to spec; a clash with a campus that had unaccommodating accommodation. Oh, and I’ve sent back a bag of crisps that wern’t, well, crisp.

Still, none of these scuffles have had the drawn out, last-man-standing, “War of Attrition” qualities that this one had; with its multiple phone calls, emails, visits from engineers, sending off the goods, goods returning, digital photos, drawn out explanations, detailed expositions, spurious inconsistancies and scary “last-resort” mails.

That’s what makes the succesful conclusion to this battle so satisfying!

Other news

Tonight is the last night of packing! Got to get ready for the big day tomorrow!

Just got a phone call from the decorators. There’s been some last minute delays, which really throws the spanner in the works! The cracked frame has to be replaced and there’s been a delay with the pipework in the kitchen.

Looks like we’re living rough for a week or so!

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