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We’ve Moved Out.

We finished boxing all the stuff up after the removals people arrived!

Talk about cutting it fine! The 50 boxes they had initially provided proved insufficient for our bourgeois lifestyle, and an extra 10 were required, provided by our bemused removals chaps!

That’s 60 boxes of stuff. 60. When I asked the removals chaps about it, they laughed saying that we must have two children, judging by the about of stuff. It’s funny, because I didn’t think we had that much stuff. What with no bed or kitchen sideboards or such.

Anyway, we moved the inordinately large mountain of boxes into the new house, to find that both of the rooms which had been finished were now filled, leaving no space for us to sleep! So, we had no choice bu to ask Tomoko’s parents to put us up for a while… How long? I have no Idea, but judging by the state of the house, quite some time.

Fortunately, the plumbing and electric is all finished, so at least we can use all the facilities in the house.


The washing machine has arrived. It didn’t look much in the shop, but the box is enormous! I hope it fits.

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