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Fulltime Japanese Employee

Today was my first day as a full time Japanese employee: The first day of my new career. Since as of today, I’ll be working for a large IT outsourcing company in Shibuya, at the centre of Tokyo.

The first surprise was the commute. At under 40 minutes door to door, it takes less than half the time it took to get to Chiba.

Also lucky was the fact that the Yamanote line anticlockwise from Tabata is a lot emptier than the clockwise line! Which means that I even got a seat this morning.

I felt that I had arrived at Shibuya almost as soon as I’d sat down, it was so close! But Shibuya is not a small station and it takes almost 10 minutes just to walk from the train to the correct exit, and that’s taking into consideration the two moving walkways available to speed passengers along.

Anyway, I arrived in fine feckle and it was a strangely exhillerating experience as I walked through the city, surrounded by concrete and glass, although I’m sure I’ll grow accustomed to it all too soon.

I arrived at work about 10 minutes early and checked everything in my bag, I was pretty nervous for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is my first job outside of the public sector and after Tomoko telling me how busy “real” companies are compared to the public sector, I’m sure I’ll be in for a shock.

Secondly, out of the 1,600 regular employees in the IT Support section, I’m the first foreigner! That’s a low foreigner ratio, even for a section that typically doesn’t handle foreign clients
This is the start of two weeks of training, who knows what I’ll have learned by the time I start really working.

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