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Job… dull… End of first Month…

So, my “spot” job of one week stacking computers is over and now I can get down to my “real” job.

My company has sent me to a financial establishment as a Helpdesk person. Career wise, I’m back in a lower position than I was in the UK before I left, seven years ago! Salary wise, this is lower than I was getting when I first came to Japan seven years ago. Work wise, this job is averaging 11 hrs of hard graft a day: over 50% more work than my last 9 to 5 job. Stress wise, it’s off the scale!

I took over the reins last week from an employer who left for unspecified reasons. As it turned out, he was fed up with the job, the pay, the conditions and the staff. Pretty much fed up with everything. He got a job not far away from the current office, working for another ex-employee of this company, who As it turned out, was fed up with the job, the pay, the conditions and the staff.

I suppose that having him as my tutor for a month did not improve the image of the company I am working for in my eyes and I have tried to take most of his bitter advice with a pinch of salt.

His gripes went thus:

  • When you’re outsourced, the client is not paying directly to you, they are paying to your employer who passes a portion of the spoils on to you. 
  • Unfortunately, the client demands effort in accordance with the money they are paying.

And they deserve to, or so I thought. However, today I found out that my company took more than double what I earned last month! I’m working hard enough to more than satisfy the client, but not earning enough to satisfy me!
For the first time today, I thought about leaving. Not sure if it’s good plan or not, and I really don’t fancy the idea of going back on to the job market. I don’t think six weeks will look good on my CV, either!
Still, Tomoko assures me that now I’m in the field, any experience and contacts I make will not be wasted and opportunities in the field of my choice are much more likely to present themselves.

Let’s hope an opportunity like that comes along soon. The thought of staying here for another ten and a half months doesn’t frankly fill me with joy!

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