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Julia is born.


As of this morning, I’m officially a father.

Tomo went into labour at about 1.30AM this morning and managed to call me on the phone. I’d just gone to bed and had literally just fallen asleep when the phone rang.

I jumped out of bed, packed some high energy food for Tomo and dashed to the hospital.

By the time I got there twenty minutes later her contractions were already less than 5 minutes apart.

Strange that: I’d imagined that this kind of thing would take longer, as I had been under the impression that five minutes was pretty much entering the final stages.

This struck me as odd being that she’d phoned me less than half an hour before to remind me to bring a couple more DVDs to watch while she waited.

It didn’t appear that there’d be much time for DVDs. Not even the opening trailers.

By 2:15, it was clear that things were speeding up. Her contractions were down to two or three minutes but there wasn’t a nurse in sight.

I was getting anxious. Surely this couldn’t go on much longer or Tomo’d be exhausted before she even got to the delivery room.

I was getting worried that, since the doctor had predicted the birth would be sometime the next morning we’d be stuck there with no nurse in the prenatal room. But a nurse must have heard Tomo because she came by to check.

When I told her that the contractions were down to less than two minutes, she burst into action and called the doctor. It was 2:25 AM.

The nurse said she’d go and get a wheelchair to help Tomo to the delivery room, but Tomo would have none of it. She suddenly jumped up and dashed to the delivery room and climed onto the bed herself!

By the time the doctor arrived, things were already underway and I thought the baby was going to pop out then and there.

When the nurse said she could see the baby’s head about ten minutes later, I thought crikey, that’s fast.

And it was. Five minutes later, the little tyke was already crying and she wasn’t even completely out yet.

At 2.50am, Julia was born. After a grand total of twenty minutes in the delivery room!

That was a night to remember!

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