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My first HD video camcorder

Strangely, even though I enjoy video editing and creating DVDs and streaming video for the internet, like the ones I made for my last job, and even though I love cameras themeselves and taking photos with them, I’ve never really been interested in video cameras.

I’ve borrowed some when needed and used several excellent cameras over the last five or six years for work, but they’ve never grabbed my attention or imagination much beyond their functional use to solve a purpose.

I think it’s probably because anyone with a little imagination, practice and reasonable gear can create photos which wouldn’t embarrass themselves if hung up in public. Granted only a few people have what it take to have their photos shown in National Geographic, but generally, a child with a half decent camera and a little flair can create excellent images. I know this because a former student of mine took such beautiful images with her mobile telephone camera without any formal training whatsoever.

Perhaps it’s the medium itself, which leaves so much to the imagination of the viewer rather than being explicit in every detail that makes exposure to amature photos for an hour so much less excruciating than watching a holiday video of the same length taken by the same person.

Or perhaps its that with TV and films, the exposure we have to high quality cinematography is so much greater than that of high quality photography, which these days seems to be limited to environmental destruction and wars (and… ahem… porno) that our senses of taste are more critical when it comes to the silver screen than silver dyed paper.

In any case, we bought our first video camera to take a few vids of Julia as she’s growing up. With the plethora of small cameras on the market not to mention the straight to hard disk and straight to DVD cameras, making a choice was quite difficult.

But in the end I decided to plunk for the lard and forgo all the convenience options in favour of out and out image quality by buying a Hight Definition unit.

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