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IO Data back for a reflash

IO DATA - AVLP2 DVD Media Player

My Network Media Player went back to the manufacturer last week. It had started playing up, or rather was not able to play at all. It was unable to play most of the discs I’d made without jumping towards the end. These jumps and skips had gradually got worse and worse until the unit was basically unusable.

It came back with a note attached:

Although we were unable to find a defect with the player, we have replaced the entire unit just in case.

Now, I know Japanese companies give good service, but to replace an entire unit when a part may or may not be playing up seems like a bit of an overkill to me as most companies I’ve had dealing with won’t give in without a fight! So, all credit to IODATA for replacing it, no questions asked… Let’s hope it was a problem with the last player rather than a “design feature”

Even if the whole affair smacks of a covered up recall!

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