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Sony SO903i G3 (NTT FOMA) Music Phone

Sony Ericsson\'s excellent SO903i 3G Mobile

I’m fortunate enough to now own a 3G Sony Ericson SO903i music player phone with a 2Gb mini SD card. It’s without a doubt, the finest phones I’ve ever owned – even when considering the usability drag-factor introduced by Sony’s tiresome SonicStage 4.3!

Sony Ericsson\'s excellent SO903i

However, two things are preventing me from making the most of it.

1) SonicStage 4.3 Music Management Software interface

This software is a bit of a dog. One can’t just drop files onto the memory card to play them and expect the meta data and CD jackets to appear. One has to use the management software to move the files and create the metadata database.

2) Doesn’t play Variable Bit Rate MP3

I searched hard to find a phone which handled MP3 and MP4 AAC files and found this one. It showed itself to be a fully featured music player, accepting 2Gb of SD on top of its 1Gb internal storage. Functionally, it appeared on par with mid range Sony offerings with the same interface and most of the features. Which I thought was unusual for Sony, since they never off It was just what I was looking for.

Thus I was thus seriously disappointed to find out that it cannot handle Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3 files! This fact makes the whole point of MP3 handling moot, since the vast majority of MP3 files are VBR!

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