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Aperture 1.5.4 on PPC Mac Mini G4

I have Aperture 1.5 running nicely on a Macbook but wanted to get it working on my Mini for times when the laptop is being used. I had it working before, but recently updated to 1.5.4 which broke it. After fishing around and with a bit of trial and error I found out how to get Aperture 1.5.4 working on a Mac Mini G4 with 64MB Radeon 9200 graphics and 1Gb of RAM.

  1. Install Aperture and Upgrade/Update to 1.5.4.
  2. Download 0xED HEX Editor from Apple (0xED page) and install
  3. Run 0xED and use File | Open menu to Navigate to /Applications/Aperture/Contents/MacOS andd open Aperture
  4. Make sure 0xED is in Overwrite mode by pressing Shift+Command+O
  5. Use the “Go to Offset” field to jump to BFC8
  6. Change the next four bytes from 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 80
  7. Do the same for C064 and you’re done

This works for my setup. If you are using an older machine or one with less RAM, you may want to edit the Info.plist from /Applications/Aperture/Contents to change AELMinimumRAMSize, RKG4LaptopMinimumCPUSpeedMHz or RKG5DesktopMinimumCPUSpeedMHz parameters.

Thanks tothe minimum.cx site for setting me off in the right direction!

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