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Julia can stand unaided

Julia let go of what she was holding onto while standing for the first time this week. She can stand for a few seconds all wibbly-wobbly before holding on again.

It’s taken longer than I thought from when she was first able to pull herself up onto her feet – nearly two months – but I suspect it might be that, since she can crawl faster than most children at the daycare centre can run, she never really saw the need.

Julia getting comfortable on her feet

The thing she’s chewing is a Bickiepeg teething biscuit. Mum swore by them when I was teething and so she sends them over from the UK every month. Julia has really taken to them and they seem to really settle her gums down. Now she’s got some teeth, it can be a bit scary seeing her bite into these rock-hard compressed wheat sticks, which resemble the texture and consistancy of a small pencil!!! But they’ve been highly recommended by doctors and the effect they have on Julia in calming her down is amazing!

Thanks mum!!!

Julia standing up

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