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Happy 1st Birthday, Julia

Happy Birthday Cake


Julia turned one today! One whole year has passed in the blink of an eye. Goodness knows how.
She got pressies from all her relatives, clothes and toys and Tomoko baked her a cake in the shape of a Ginormous “1” (without the quotes, obviously)

I even managed to get home before it was dark by working a few hours on Sunday and went round Tomo’s parents’ place for Julia’s mini party.
So what can she do after a year?
She talks a lot, all of the time, like her dad. Of course, no one has a clue what she’s actually saying…
She eats huge spoonfuls of food in one go, like her mum and loves anything and everything.
She loves music, like both of us and dances and claps away aways to anything with a rythm including but not limited to, the chimes from the city hall, a two sencond ditty from a Peter Rabbit talking book, the trains going by and even the dishwasher. Yep… she loves music.
She loves swimming, baths, showers and paddling pools and fearlessly dives into the pool (from sitting position) on Sunday mornings.
She can’t quite walk yet but she can stand up to dance for a few seconds when the beat is right…

Ahhh.. what a cutie.

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