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Bought a second hand iMac 15″ flat panel for ¥18,000

Making use of old Macs can be fun. A lot more fun than old PCs. Why? Because they tend to stay useful for much longer than PCs, and even when old, their innate design excellence and quality never fail to impress.

Take this, for example:

The 15″ flat panel iMac G4, with it’s distinctive hemispherical base and swivel arm monitor pivot. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that this design classic is an eye-opener.

Even after six years, it still hasn’t dated (other than in spec, obviously) and looks almost as striking today as it did then.

iMac G4 15\

Apple is always being accused of putting form over function, but in this case, the two go hand in hand.

These are, without a doubt, my favourite, funky computer design, mixing a serious element of fun with minimalist practicality.

The swing arm on the monitor can be sued to raise, lower and tilt the  monitor to the desired angle and height, making this one of the most ergonomic personal computers ever made.

The small base, which doubles as the stand for the monitor is unobtrusive and heavily weighted for safety and stability.

For all intents and purposes, the iMac is as near to perfection as any consumer, home PC has ever got. I just got myself an iMac 15″ 700MHz bottom of the range model. i.e. 128MB, 40GB, CD-R model lampshade in a 100% mint (as in Polo) condition for a crazy bargain 18,000 Yen or about 80 pounds. The mouse was still in its original packaging!

So I ccouldn’t believe my luck when I saw some on the cheap, second hand. I’ve always found these Macs particularly “boutique” and seeing one in the beautifully named “Hard Off”, part of the “Book Off” chain of discount second-hand shops, I had to buy it. My first impulse purchase for a number of years.

Being cute and round, I immediately realised that it would be ideal for the front desk of our new school we’re planning to open at the end of the year.

It came with a fully restored version of OS X 10.2 which seemed to only just ran in the 128MB originally supplied. Actually, to all accounts, OS X 10.2 barely runs, full stop.

It wasn’t too bad, better than I expected, in fact for browsing the Web.

I initially thought that I’d find the 15″ 1024 x 768 screen too cramped to do any real work on, but I’ve found it beautifully crisp and bright with pure whites and deep blacks, entirely adequate for Web browsing, Word Processing and day-to-day duty. I’d hazard to say that the colour rendering quality, a bugbear with many earlier LCDs is equal to most current mid-range monitors.

Still, it was in full working order and looks the puppies privates. I’ll report on the updates as time permits.

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