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Adding a thermometer to the G4 Cube.

After replacing the original 20GB drive with a nice new one, I got a little concerned about the temperature. I’ve installed a 1200 rpm, practically silent (19dB) fan in the base and wonder if it’s enough to offset the heat generated by the 7200rpm Hard Disk. 

So, for the the third and final installment on modestly modding my Power Mac G4 Cube, I’ll show how and where I added a thermometer to measure the drive temperature. This should take about five minutes.

Get yourself a nice digital thermometer with a surface contact probe, like this:

Contact Sensor Digital Thermometer


The temperature probe should be small enough to fit through one of the holes in the bottom of the Cube’s casing:

Thermometer Wire

Opening the case:

      First make sure you have the thermometer, some aluminium tape and enough room to work on,  i.e. a flat, clear surface within easy reaching distance.

  • Unplug the Cube and invert it. Take care not to scratch the machine’s plastic case. I inverted mine onto a pillow.
  • Push the rectangular, inset bar located on the upturned base in firmly, until you hear it click. Now release it. The handle should pop out.
  • Use the handle to lift the chassis out of the upturned case. If this is the first time it has been removed, it might take a little teasing to get things moving.
  • Lift the chassis out vertically, taking care not to scratch the insides of the case with the metal corners of the chassis. The chassis has no sharp corners so this is not a serious issue. Still, it would be a shame to scratch it.
  • Now place the chassis down on a flat, clear surface. Take care not to damage the sensor on the top of the unit (probably facing downwards since it’s the side opposite the handle).
  • Push the handle in all the way and let go. It should stay in place.
Connecting the Thermometer
  • locate the side of the Cube where both the RAM and the HDD are visible.
  • Push the probe up through a hole in the bottom of the case. Somewhere near the BIOS battery is a good area.
  • Pull in as much wire as required and bind the wire tightly with a wire tie to one of the internal posts. There is a space above the Airport sensor on the the side, perfect for this purpose.
  • Tape the sensor to the side of the drive firmly with aluminium tape.
Fan on side of Mac Cube
Now reassemble the computer.
I found that when actively using the Cube, the drive would reach about 40 degrees when active. A lot cooler than the 55 degrees it used to reach before installing the fan.


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