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Sia – Some People Have Real Problems



I heard a clip of the song Academia on a music feed the other day and knew that I had to buy this Album. Sia has a voice that skips between sexy, cute and sultry with acrobatic grace. Her Australian accent is, perhaps a little unfortunately, perhaps not, well concealed behind a modern, pop-country veneer.

There are several standout songs on Some People Have Real Problems,

Immediately striking

Academia – I have a thing for off kilter and this one is way off, it’s harmonizing chorus is out of this world and the lyrics are some of the most original to appear in a pop, for this is pop, without losing any of their immediacy.

Electric Bird – This is like a thick, strong hit of carbohydrates. The song starts of slowly enough, but builds to a chorus crescendo with curious speed, within 30 seconds, in fact. Quite a novelty. But the chorus is incredibly catchy, which is the mainstay of the song. Still, like carbs, it can get a bit overbearing and will perhaps wear of the most quickly of all.

Slow riser

Beautiful Calm Driving

This understated song gets under the skin with Sia crooning, lush lyrics and tones to a dreamy, trance-like tune. I find myself listening out for this one more and more each listen.

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