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Am I turning into a crusty old hermit?

Uncle Bob is a lonely old hermit.

I realised that I’m becoming a crusty old hermit with nothing but a guitar that I can’t play for company. (Actually I don’t have a guitar, but you get the point). Apparently, I used to be patient, mild mannered and good tempered… Or so my mum keeps trying to remind me.

I realised that for the last few years I have had no time for anyone or anything any more. It’s so easy to claim that its all due to work, life, schedule etc… But it’s just self denial. I need a more positive attitude in order the squeeze the fun out of life, which isn’t going to give it to me all by itself.

Complaining is so easy and it becomes so natural as to be second nature, like breathing. If something goes wrong. Complain. If someithing doesn’t go as planned, blame.

I used to have a desire to create that sometimes was so strong that when it wasn’t expressed, it built up inside like a pressure cooker’s steam. Then, once I stopped creating I got used to the pressure building up inside and that also became second nature. Still, the pressure has to go somewhere and that’s where things start to go downhill and frustration sets in. Complains, whinging, etc. etc.

Sometimes I have to wonder what happened to it all, when did I turn the corner and lock myself into a dark, negative room? I think it’s time to break out a little humour and start appreciating my life again.

The weather is improving, I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful child. A bright future is awaiting myself and my family. I should stop being an old fart and really enjoy my situation.

And for starters, I can get a bit more creative.

So, in my determined effort to become more social, I’ve decided to make a real go at my blog. I can’t say how long this energetic spurt will last, but we shall see. Here are two, very different friends of mine who are far more social than I am and inspire me to become more social myself.

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