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Trip to Toneri Koen on the new Toneri Liner Monorail.

It’s not every week that a new line opens in the heart of Tokyo, after all there’s not too many places left to build on!

Still, one such line just opened last month, the nippori – Toneri Monorail (Or the Toneri Liner), which runs from Nippori to Toneri, a trip of about 10km and 20 minutes.

We took a trip on it this weekend. It goes out to the splendid Toneri Koen (Toneri Park) which I recommend to any parent in Tokyo as a great place to take your kids for a picnic.

At its highest point, the line runs somewhere in the region of 12 floors up over the Sumida river. About 30m or 90ft up!

Toneri Line - High above the overpasses.


Oh, look down there! Three (not two) tennis courts. Look carefully. We’re higher than it at first looks.

It’s hard to show in photos just how high this is, but it’s pretty impressive.

I think this one just about demonstrates it, though.

Toneri Line - High above the overpasses.


We are running over an overpass which itself is running on a elevated bank, above the floodplain of Sumida river.

On the right-most road, you can just make out a white delivery van. A pylon in middle distance also helps to put things into perspective.


Toneri Line - High above the apartments.


You can see that we are looking down on an eight floor apartment block in the above photo.

We rode out to the shuuten (terminal) which took about 20 minutes…


The End of the Toneri Line

… and then doubled back two stops to Toneri Koen Station.

Toneri Koen Station

The stations themselves are raised on legs, the lowest of which is still over two floors up from ground level. Here is a typical station, raised above a dual-carriageway.

Typical Toneri Line Station


The station surrounds are still under construction and undergoing beautification.

All in all, a straight journey from Nippori to Toneri Koen should take about 20 minutes. It used to take over an hour on the bus!

As an aside, property values in Toneri (as I predicted two years ago) have gone from, say 15,000,000 yen for an apartment to nearly 25,000,000 right now.


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