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Powerlogix 1.5GHz 7447A CPU Upgrade for Cube benchmarked

I finally got around to benchmarking my G4 Cube with its new Powerlogix 1.5GHz 7447A processor. 

Here are the X Bench results, for what they’re worth. They are quite variable, but this is the average from about four or five runs.

X Bench Benchmark Results (Taller is better)

The results show Gains across the board, with, as expected the major gains shown in CPU and Thread performance.

Interestingly, since the graphics card is the basic ATI 16MB Rage Pro, the graphics are majorly CPU dependant and those too showed major gains.

In fact, as expected only memory and HDD showed no real gains.

These facts bare out well with the actual usage as shown here:

Boot Up time (Shorter is better)

The above chart shows the waiting time until the specified event occurs.

Up until the Apple logo appears, the two machines behave identically. From that point on, the 1.5GHz CPU pulls ahead significantly. If one starts timing from when the what Apple appears, the 1.5GHz Cube is approximately twice as quick.

Login Time (Shorter is better)

My login is packed with various applications and I think is a reasonably good test of overall system performance with a bias towards uncached disk access. The above chart appears to bare this out with an approximate 40% speed boost.

Application Launch Times (Shorter is better) 


Here you can see with application launch times that most launch speed is doubled. And, where there is a low dependancy on the hard disk (i.e. relaunching) then the speed advantage is treble in the case of Microsoft Word and Photoshop CS3.

One pontential issue is the temperature.

With the old 450MHz CPU, the Cube would show the internal HDD’S SMART temperature reading Idling around 37C in a temperature controlled 24C room.

Due to complete lack of any power saving facilities, even at full CPU load with moderate disk access, the active temperatures rarely rose above 39C.

Now, with the 7447A 1.5GHz CPU and NAP activated, it idles at 38C but quickly moves up to 42C or 43 when using iWork.

I’m concerned about the extra heat, so I may replace the currently silent fan with a more robust 12V 80mm effort!

So, overall this upgrade, an incremental investment of $250 half paid for by my employer has brought my computer forward one or two generations. It’s moved from a usable but ultimately frustrating computer to one which can be used heavily for numerous office and browser tasks without getting bogged down.

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