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Leopard Benchmarks G4 Cube – It’s not pretty!

I benchmarked my Leopard on G4 Cube installation this morning and the results are not pretty. As I mentioned yesterday, the system feels sluggish, especially the UI. Although many feel that X Bench is not very representive, I feel that the results bear out my experiences very well as you can see in the chart below:

Tiger versus Leopard

It’s basically a clean sweep for Tiger, with a couple of statistically irrelevant results in favour of Leopard.

Note the far left column is X Benche’s overall result which shows a 50% decline!!! This is in line with my impression that day to day use is about half as fast as it was under Tiger.

Key areas to note are the OpenGL and UI sections which have lost almost 70% of their performance while Quartz is about half the speed!

Leopard versus Tiger for Graphics

This clearly shows that Leopard users pay a heavy price in the graphics department with older hardware. It looks to me that the system is using generic drivers for the ATI card, since all other results vary by mostly insignificant margins.

Full benchmark results

Leopard v Tiger X Bench full results

The only major differences in benchmark scores other than graphics are Memory allocation speed which is doubled (tested repeatedly) and thread lock contention which is about 30% slower.


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