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Oops. High trailer, low bridge.

I thought the road outside our office was a bit crowded yesterday. I was on the way to the convenience store and noticed the busses were backed up all the way down the road.


A bit odd I thought. The scene carried on further down the road.


I spotted the sign with the arrow, too so my keen senses rang and my deep worldly insight told me there must be something going on.

It turned out that a trailer carrying truck had tried – and admirably failed – to go under a low railway bridge and was reqrded by having the trailer knocked off by the overhead protective rail.

 Luckily it seems that the trailer was empty, otherwise things might have been much worse.


Judging by the height of the conftainer and the lowth of the bridge, it would only just be possible to get the trailer through if you put it directly on the ground and dragged it, let alone having it on the back of a truck!

Unfortunately, by the time I got there, it was difficult to get a ringside seat and the trailer was being hoisted off and out. 

One thing that I love about Japan is the sheer number of staff they dispatch to anything like this. It always reminds me of those “how many software engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” jokes.

In this case it would be something like this…

10 workers, one actually working.
“How many Japanese men does it take to lift a 10t container?”
“Ten. One to drive the crane and the others to stand their sucking their teeth.”

Of course, they were all probably doing something a bit earlier on, well some of them were, probably…

Five minutes later

 Even more interesting was the fact that the punters were out in droves lining the bridges and breaking out the hot canned coffee, beer and bentos. It was impromptu picnic season on the bridges.


There were quite a few people on the bridge phoning up. Probably to work or to say sorry for not coming back soone… Got stuck in traffic… etc…

It’s kind of sad that a dismal, dull accident with no injuries, fire, smoke or drama of any kind whatsoever and draw such a large crowd of people.


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