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Just the sort of thing I was talking about

Yesterday, I talked about the smugness of some Brits and some Apple users and that there is a time and place where such behaviour is just not funny any more.

That fine line between confidence and arrogance is blurred with a grey area of smugness – nestling… er… smugly between the two.

As a successful American business person might tell you, confidence and belief in oneself is often the key to success, and if one happens to be the best of the best of the best, well then, even arrogance is tolerated – necessary even – to keep one there.

El Jobso is a prime example. Arrogance and Brilliance together in an unusually driven and charismatic fellow. This makes him rather unique in a field known for patterned cardigans, paisley shirts, threadbare corduroys and sandals over sky-blue socks. 

Jobs vs Gates

His shared have increased in value over 2000% in 5 years and is such a fanatical control freak that he’s been called a megalomaniac on several occasions.

Respected and despised in equal measure.

But heaven forbid should even a minor flaw present itself, heaven forbid, should a swaggering giant ever catch his toes on the corner of a raised flagstone in the pavement! All the enemies, the meek, the downtrodden and the ridiculed PC users that were not utterly destroyed by the blinding light will rise up and take their revenge in an outpouring of pent-up laughter and spite.

Take computer viruses as an example (using the word viruses loosely, here). Apple constantly makes fun of PCs, Windows XP with its unending stream of viruses.

When just one – that’s one as in uno, as in singular, as in less than two – exploit was release by a researcher as a proof of concept in 2004, the whole PC using world and their respective canines proclaimed the end of the Mac platform, with ironic remarks like, “welcome to the club” or “now you know what it feels like”, “shall I lend you my virus checker… Oh yes, I forgot it won’t work on a Mac!”.

And that was just one exploit, compared to XP’s exploit list which reads like a phone directory. Imagine what would happen if Apple turned out to be the next Microsoft. It’d be like a staunch anti-tobacco lobbyist suddenly giving up and breaking out the Marlboros. 

Go ahead, be arrogant, make fun of others… but be sure to stop the gags and make nice a long time before you lose your touch or the hounds will come a-baying.

Arrogance and flaws do not good bedfellows make.

Here is a little example of the sly dig that that might have been funny, but in the end misses the mark and just ends up a puerile gag:

Network computers in Leopard

You’ll see on Leopards network display, two beautiful Macs at the bottom, Squarebox and StyleMonger. And two not so beautiful PCs above.

Zooming in on the icons reveals a tasteful beige monitor with goldfish-bowl like screen and… oh look. A Windows blue screen of death.

Yeah right, a Windows BSOD on our Debian based NAS server… Oh hardy har har!

If you’re gonna poke, at least get it in the right hole! 

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