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Raj and Taeko’s Wedding

Went to Raj and Taeko’s wedding this weekend. A nice, casual affair with none of the pomp and circumstance of some weddings… Brought back memories of our own wedding, now over two years ago.

They had the Jinzenshiki (civil ceremony) and the reception at a posh Indian restaurant in the Century Hotel, Shinjuku.  The reasurant, apparently had not hosted a wedding before and that showed in the wedding’s rough edges, which gave the whole event a charmingly unrehearsed and truthful feeling, rather than some of the stilted, practiced all week, efforts I’ve been to.

There was lots of talking, eating, congratulating. Catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones. If all weddings were like this one, it’d take the stigma out of attending them.

It has to be said, though, that I did end up spending most of my time looking after Julia and Haruki, so although there was free cury and beer, I ended up only drinking about a pint of beer and foodwise, I ate only half a samosa, a sheesh kebab, a popadom and a curried shrimp.

Apparently, the curry was delicious. Shame I didn’t get more than a mouthful…


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