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Automatic Update of Death

I get to work this morning to find all the documents I was working on and websites I’d visited to research them closed and gone.

It seems my computer had crashed during the night.

So I log in only to get a cute little error message in the corner of the screen.


I don’t care if you were trying to be helpful, Microsoft. This is MY computer!

I really hate it when a corporation thinks it’s smarter than you are and pulls your control from under your feet like an old rug!

Basically, they might as well have said this:



Windows seems to do that a lot, taking fate into its own inept hands and misinforming the poor suckers who have to make do with it. Misinforming you say? Surely not. That error message is clearly written in language suitable for the primary audience, Americans.

Well, let’s just see what we have:

Your computer was recently updated!

Ok, I have no complaints so far… A surprisingly lucid comment.

Windows recently downloaded and installed an important security 
update to help protect your computer.

That’s very kind, thank you. So far so good.

The update required an automatic restart of your computer.

I beg your pardon?

The update required an automatic restart of your computer.

Required an automatic restart? Are you absolutely sure about that? Are you quite perfectly sure that had I restarted the computer myself, it would not have installed?


In haiku then, what the message is really saying is this:

I have decided
to reset myself without
the slightest warning.

There is a fix available for XP Professional Users:

  • Run “gpedit.msc” from the Start Menu (execute file)
  • In the Group Policy editor navigate to:
  • Computer Configuration / Administrative Template / Windows Components / Windows Update
  • Double click on
  • No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations
  • Choose “Enabled” in the settings window
  • Click OK
  • Close the Group Policy Editor
Never used it myself, but if You’re an XP Home user, apparently you’re up the long brown one with out the long wooden one.
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