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G4 Cube Benchmarks with Leopard 10.5.3 vs 10.5.2

I’ve just benchmarked my Cube with 10.5.3, both with and without the ATI Rage drivers brought over from Tiger with the X-Bench benchmarking program.

As many people will tell you X-Bench is notoriously unreliable, giving wildly different results.

However, overall trends are, I believe still relevant.

My Cubes’ specs are:

G4 Cube (originally the 450MHz model)

  • PowerLogix 1.5GHz 7447A CPU
  • 1.25GB of 133MHz RAM (at bus speed of 100MHz)
  • Stock ATI Rage GFX
  • 160 GB hard disk with LBA48 Open Firmware Hack for full capacity access.

Tests were run three times and the top result from each run was taken. For those who can’t be bothered to wade through charts, I’ll present the short of it here:

There appears to be about a 10% drop in performance across the board. 😦

Which, even given X-Bench’s notoriously random reputation is borderline significant.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed, I was hoping for an improvement. I guess they’re no longer optimising PPC code and it will continue to detiorate in comparison to the Intel code until it is abandoned.

X Bench Results Summary

With Tiger ATI Rage Drivers:



Without the Drivers


Graphics Specific Benchmarks

With the Tiger drivers


Without the drivers



Complete Results

With the drivers


Without the drivers



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