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W-1 and counting. Apple WWDC ’08 Just a day away

It’s just one day until the craziness at the Apple WWDC (that’s the World Wide Developers Conference to the uninitiated) begins!

Although Apple development does not particularly affect me directly, since I do no Apple development work, it’s always fun to see the ruckus that develops just before and imediately after the event and it seems to have built up to fever pitch over the last four years or so, since Apple’s good fortunes have put them on top of the world and I joined the Apple bandwagon. That was at the end of 2004 when I went hunting for a new PC and heard about an upcoming “Mac Mini”.

And since then, I’ve been supping my share of Job’s Home Brew a.k.a. Reality Distorting Kool-Aid (TM) along with generous pinches of salt here and their to keep me sober. I love the psychology behind Apple, the buzz, the little touch of anoying elitism that comes from all the hype. It’s so vain, so self serving, so different from all the drab corporate drivel that surrounds the PC, which dispite being arguably, technically superior and ahead of the curve on most fronts when compared to the Mac, totally fails to inspire or promote even the tiniest sense or awe in me.

Even their advertising makes me want to know what’s coming next.

Apple WWDC 2008 Brochure Image

Here’s a direct Steve Jobs quote from 2007 – on the back of a James Brown track that fades as he appears on stage in Jeans and Turtleneck to rapturous applause.

Steve Jobs On Stage at WWDC (photo from Engadget)

“It was just a year ago we announced we were going to switch to Intel. A huge heart transplant. A beautiful seamless version of OS X for Intel processors. Our hardware team got to cranking out a new Mac with Intel processors every month.
“We’ve had an extremely successful year, I want to thank our users very much. Our retail stores are selling half their Macs to people who’ve never owned a Mac before. Switchers. More than half the Macs sold in the US are to switchers. Here’s a new one soon, Jim Allchin from Microsoft.”

(A jibe referring to a former senior engineer from Microsoft, Jim Allchin who accused Microsoft of losing the plot with Vista – then called Longhorn – and stating that he’d buy a Mac if he wasn’t working for Microsoft and retired on the very day Vista was release).

The insider joke is soaked in elitism but is delivered with a confidence and coolness that somehow makes the jab work, unlike some of their more childish gags of late.

Still, it could be said that only Apple could pull off such bravado and make it look good!

Right, well… See you on the other side of the WWDC.
It’s time to get my glass out and line up at the Kool-Aid stand, no where’s my salt.

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