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Hana Marie was born at 2.30am on the 10th of June, 2008

“Baby on Demand” continues with Tomoko giving birth to Hana chan at 2.30am on the first night in hospital.

Tomoko was still up and about, strolling around the hospital at ten o’clock, doing her Ayurevedic Yoga, which is supposed to promote easy labour and childbirth.


Tomoko “kind of” went into labour at about quarter to two. When I say “kind of”, I mean Tomoko was saying things like, “I think I’m in labour” and I was saying sagely, wise things like, “Er… Tomoko, I think you’d know if you were in Labour.”

At about ten past two, Tomoko really did go into labour and the doctor arrived, this time unflustered and prepared because Tomoko had been admitted to the delivery room earlier than last time, since at Julia’s birth, she only just made it to the bed before Julia popped out!

Apparently the Yoga worked, and Hana was born at around half two, after about twenty minutes of labour.

Tomoko, newborn Hana and me (looking more tired than Tomo)

I phoned my mum to tell her, “Mum! You’re a grandmother again! Although lucky it wasn’t a boy or you’d have been a grandfather as well!”

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  1. Amanda
    December 1, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Congratulations, Craig and Tomoko! Well done! She is beautiful….I am sure Julia will be a proud older sis.

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