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Apple WWDC: A prediction Postmortem

Well, the WWDC has come and gone.

The first thing I thought when I watched the video was, “goodness me, doesn’t Steve look thin!” It seems I’m not the only one. The web is buzzing with talk about his past health conditions. This doesn’t bode well for Apple’s share price, which is going to feel the pain of any doubts about the health of His Steveness.


I made two major predictions and several minor ones. Let’s see how they went.

The biggest prediction was based on the poster with two bridges:

My Prediction: OS X will be split into two branches. The Mac Branch, which will be Intel only and the PPC branch which will support small, low power devices – Perhaps transitioning low power stuff to PWRficient range of Power chips from P.A. Semi.

The developer release was Intel only. Although not a dead cert, it does mean that OS X is most likely to become Intel only as of 10.6.

It also turned out that Apple purchased P.A.Semi in order to have them design the system on a chip stuff for future iPhones. This means that another branch of OS X for the iPhone will be made and that branch will be PPC based. BINGO! I’ll give myself 10/10 for this prediction. 

I made a number of minor predictions:

OS X 10.6 Development will be Announced
Correct. 1/1

OS X 10.6 will not be called Snow Leopard even if it is a feature freeze edition because the name is naff.
Wrong. 0/1
The code name is in fact Snow Leopard. But the name is still naff.

This leads to my second major prediction.

OS X 10.6 will not be a free, special [service-pack-like] bugfix focused release
I so wanted it to be true that I didn’t want to hope. It turned out that the release of OS X for the Mac will be feature frozen and be optimised for modern chips (i.e. Intel). However, the question is still open as to the fee, will it be service pack like free or chargeable. It’s still unanswered.

My second major prediction lead on from that:

I think that 10.6 when it releases will be a standard priced (i.e. full priced) and hopefully, 64 bit Intel only upgrade, simpler, leaner, cleaner and with just enough bells and whistles to make the faithful pay for it.

It seems that I was spot on here, except the price bit, which was not covered. Others believe that 32 bit Intel binaries will be included for the first generation of Intel computers. This is still out in the open, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ll give myself 5/5 for the bits I got right.

.MAC will be revamped

Although personally, I don’t really care too much, even though I am a .mac subscriber, I gave the “Waltberg” Q&A session as reasonable proof that a revamp was coming.

Correct 1/1

iPhone 3G pictures leaked were fake
Correct 1/1

The profile of the device was less rounded and different to the real Apple device and there are no speaker grates on the rear side. The push button on the side is rounded, not square and there was no Product Red item announced… Close but no cigar.

Also, the Cheesy grin is not present on Apple’s web site. That makes Crunch Gear’s scoop worthless.

Pure Cheese

All in all, not too shabby. Basically I was only wrong on the name of Snow Leopard being announced as the code name for OS X 10.6. Well done!! Well done, indeed!

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