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Steve Jobs’ $19 Billion ($19,000,000,000) sneeze.


As I predicted, the share price of Apple has plummeted following the 10th June WWDC with online speculation regarding the health of His Steveness (Steve Jobs).

Since then, the low prices have forced a surge of buying, reinflating the prices and recovering about half of their losses.

As talk of Steve’s health dies away and the launch of the new iPhone approaches, Apple Shares will recover and maybe even surpass their previous levels.

It has been calculated that in the two days following the WWDC, the value of Apple has dropped more than $19 Billion Dollars, dragged down mainly by speculation on Steve’s health. That’s a serious drop considering that Apple spokespersons are saying that Steve has come down with a “common bug” and is currently undergoing treatment.

I’m not sure about you, but if a bug turned me from looking like this:

Steve in 2007

Just a year ago, to this:

Steve in June, 2008

Then it’s quite some “common” bug, and not one I’d want to catch.

There have been rumours of purposeful stock manipulation and other nefarious reasons for the online discussions, but in my opinion, as Occam would undoubtedly say while shaving, “the reason is far, far simpler:”

Steve Jobs looks sick and sounds sick. He’s to be found leaning (momentarily, it might be said) on his chair during the presentation and he’s also handing over to others far more than in previous keynotes. His characteristic RDF was a pale shadow of its usual glory that bathes his worshipers in his divine glow.

Let’s all get together and pray for His Divine Steveness, lest he go from prophet to martyr.



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