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Firefox 3 is out and it’s awesome!




All my complaints about Firefox 1 and 2 have gone. The bloat is gone (It’s 4MB smaller that Firefox 2 on the Mac). Launching is quicker, opening new sites is quicker and the interface is really neat and tidy.

The interface is gorgeously clean and tidy, after the buttony, Linuxy feel of Firefox 2 it’s a welcome change.

Here’s the old interface screenshot from 1.4:

Interface straight out of the NCSA Mozilla era!

The back button is huge, easy to click and back response is instantaneous!

Beautifully crafted and rounded, minimalist interface

It’s clear that an aweful lot of work has gone into Firefox 3 and I will definitely start using it more and more. Especially on Windows, where it’s already my browser of choice.

For those who want a “real” Mac experience, there’s Firefox Grapple theme, which converts the Firefox interface into a clone of Safari 3.

Now that’s a Mac-like application, if ever I saw one

  • If you’re a Firefox 2 user, this is a no brainer: There’s really Why not download Firefox 3 today for an allround improvement in performance.
  • If you’re an Internet Exploder user, there’s really no excuse for it. Start browsing the Web safely with FF3.


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