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Hot Album: “O” by Damien Rice

What can I say. The chain of events leading me to listen to this album is a bit of a tenuous one.

I have been expanding the range of films I’m watching recently and was trying got find an English langauge  trailer for the Cannes Winner from 2004 a Hong Kong Movie Called 蝴蝶 (HuDie – Butterfly) I happened to find a video montage edit of the film on Youtube to a song called the “Blower’s* Daughter” by a man called Damien Rice. Something rang a bell and I checked through my albums to find that I already had a song of his on the charity album “HELP: A Day in the Life”.

*Apparently “Blower” is a word that was used at Damien’s School for the flute teacher.

What a song, I was blown away! It left me speechless and not many songs can do that! He sings it with such passion and sense of loss that I felt I was the one who’d suffered the pangs myself. I played the video three times in a row. it was the first time I’ve ever seen music put so convincingly to video.

I also found that the Blower’s Daughter was used for a film called “Closer” with my fave, Jude Law I watched a couple of montages for that film, too but was not convinced.

No, this song was and will always remain for me, connected to the film Butterfly.

A bit more research turned up the album “O” and I purchased it from Amazon forthwith.

'O' by Damien Rice

Track List

01. delicate
02. volcano
03. the blower's daughter
04. cannonball
05. older chests
06. amie
07. cheers darlin'
08. cold water
09. i remember
10. eskimo

It’s a crime that such talent is forced to hide behind the sort of mediocre crap that’s so popular! I can’t believe that I haven’t heard more of him.

Just listen to Volcano, or better yet, check out Youtube’s Volcano video from Abbey Road! Jeezus this guy pulls the heartstrings!

I have a feeling this is going to be on my shortlist for some time, along with Sia and a couple of songs by Sarah Nixey.

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