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iMac 24″ just stops short of catching fire

I contacted Apple Support and got straight through to an operator. Within ten minutes, we’d talked our way through the explanation and he put me on hold and transferred me to a “specialist”.

I had explained the temperature of the case and the funny, plasticy smell that was emanating from the back of the machine. I also explained SMC Fan Control and Temperature Monitor, two programs which he’d heard of.

I explained that within 30 minutes of using the computer, the temperature of the PSU went up to 80 degrees and the surface aluminium of the iMac became too hot to touch.

Here’s the output from Temperature Monitor, an excellent utility that does what it says on the tin.

I started a full disk backup with Time Machine and after 30 minutes, here’s the list of temperatures:

If you’re wondering what all the lines mean, here’s the legend.

And there it is, an ambient temperature of roughly 30 degrees pushes the computer to 80 within 30 minutes. As I’m sure you can understand, having my hard disk threatening to reach 60 degrees was a bit too much to takes, so I throttled up the fans to about 3000 RPM for the main CPU fan and HDD and 2000 for the optical drive, pushing the temperature of the PSU down to about 60. Very high, but less likely to set fire to my house.

I think there may be a hidden recall going on, since I spoke to the guy on the phone yesterday at 3pm and he told me he’d send someone over this morning!!!

Now that’s a fast response time.

I’ll keep you posted.

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